Monday, June 4, 2012

Book Study Blog Party 2012

Whew! Being gone for over a week makes you seriously out of touch. I'm a little late to the "party" but I want you to know about this summer's book study blog party!

Maybe you were a part of last year's book study. If not, here's what you need to know.

The Book:
Teaching in the Digital Age by Brian Puerling
From the back of the book--"Technology can enhance your classroom's complete curriculum and assessment and help you create and capture meaningful experiences, support inquiry, and expand your classroom's walls."

The Host:
PreschoolSpot - Each Wednesday (beginning on June 6), PreschoolSpot will have a link to a post about a chapter from this book. One of the team (below) will discuss the chapter. The other team members may also blog about that chapter. Get more details (and a discount code for the book from Redleaf Press).

The Team:
Karen Cox from Prekinders
Jean Feldman from Dr. Jean and Friends
Matt from Look at My Happy Rainbow
Vanessa Levin from Pre-K Pages
Deborah J. Stewart from Teach Preschool
Scott Wiley from Brick by Brick (me!)

The Party:
Get the book and read along. Read the blog posts each week and comment. Post your thoughts and comments on your blog and link up. (Linky code will be on the first chapter post on June 6.) Have fun, learn, and network together.

I just got my copy of the book and it looks really interesting. Hope you'll join us for the discussion.


  1. I was the first to order my book and I still haven't received it :( Happy reading to you!