Thursday, April 26, 2012

Exploring Week to Week

The materials in our learning areas change week to week. We do have some basics that are almost always there--blocks, dishes, etc. But even some of those are not out each week.

However, the writing center is always available...and always has the same stuff - a mixture of paper, markers, and crayons. I may add things from time to time but these basics are always there.

So that center is a great place to see how kids grow and change by using those same materials in different ways. One of my girls uses the center frequently. But she uses it in different ways. As the weeks have passed, I've seen her explore and experiment.

She has drawn pictures and written words.

She likes to use different kinds of papers and create layers.

She creates some different creations.

She even recently created her own note pad by stacking pages and using a glue stick as needed. (After all, scissors and glue sticks are always available.)

Same child. Same materials. Vastly different results. Her experiments are always intriguing to me. And I've enjoyed watching how her play has changed. 

I really like to see how kids will use the writing center. And how they will change and grow throughout the weeks and months. I'm always on the lookout for materials that can adjust to different uses and maturing kids.

And I love to see how the geniuses in my class will use them.

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