Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dots Collaborative Artwork Revisited

After we worked on our dots collaborative artwork, I kept putting it out every week. Little to no interest has been generated after the first big rush. We've had it upright and flat, but not many takers. (I guess there are just too many other interesting things in the room to do.)

This week I decided to add some small masking tape in addition to the dots. (The kids noted that the tape matched the same colors as the dots. Mr. Scott does think about these things!)

Things started off a little slow but then they took off.

If your tape is too long, just wrap it around to the back.

The kids were working hard and almost getting in each other's way. I asked if we needed to move the board from against the wall to the floor. A great idea! Things really got busy again.

In fact, we used up all the tape I had put out. (None of the rolls were full rolls to start with.) So it was back to the dots. "We're going to cover up all the white," they said.

We didn't cover all the white but we did work hard. When the tape first went on, I thought it may have been a mistake. But now I love the final results.

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  1. I put my dots out a second time too Scott and had no takers! I didn't even think about adding a new material like tape! What a great idea!!