Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Into Art - Inspiration from the Blogosphere

We made these rainbows with colored collage pieces
and paper plate halves.
Today I'm posting about some spring art ideas on Kids Ministry 101. There are all kinds of ideas around the blogosphere these days. Here are a few ideas that are inspiring me.

PreK and K Sharing: Creating Rainbows with Cars - Anything that combines cars and painting is going to get my attention. I mentioned this link before, but I think it's a great idea.

Teach Preschool: Springtime Easel Starters - This is a totally new idea for me. This art idea begins with something on the paper to stimulate the artist's thinking (similar to a story starter idea for a writer). I'm pondering the possibilities.

Imagination Tree: Fly Swatter Flower Paintings - Deborah of Teach Preschool makes a guest appearance on Imagination Tree. This looks like lots of messy art fun. (Teacher Tom has done this, too.)

Share and Remember: Painting with Flowers - A fun idea of using flowers as the brushes. (Or you could use leaves, twigs, and other nature items!)

Learning for Life: Painting Daffodils - We've explored still life painting, but I like the way Kierna matched paint to subject. And I love all the different interpretations that the young artists created.

Kids Ministry 101: Windy Play - Here are a few ideas I posted on Kids Ministry 101 for kites and other things you can make for windy spring days.

What fun springtime art are you doing?

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