Friday, February 24, 2012

Doing Something for Others

This week we talked about helpers at our church. We made a banner to thank those helpers.

We encouraged all the kids to work on the banner. Of course, I didn't force any child to draw or write on the banner...but we did encourage kids to pause in some of their other work to add to the banner. Most of the kids did something on it.

Drawing a line all around the banner - like a frame.

Then we all went down to the church office to take our banner. (The photographer was in a hurry to snap the picture - so it's not a good pic.)

We taped the banner to the receptionist's desk - so every helper could see it when they came into the office. (The banner has been there all week - I checked.)

This also helps me remember that projects and activities do not need to result in a product that the child takes home. This was a collaborative activity that didn't even stay in our classroom. The kids worked on something that was for someone else. 

Our class is part of a greater community. We are a part of the church (and part of our town...our state...etc.). This activity encouraged the kids to think about others beyond our classroom - and do something for them.

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