Friday, January 6, 2012

My Personal Favorite Posts of 2011

Last week I counted down the top posts on Brick by Brick in 2011. Today I thought I would list two of my personal favorite posts.

1. The Power of Yes - "The power of 'Yes, you can' helps children test their ideas, stretch their understanding, and grow. The power of Yes helps TEACHERS test their ideas, stretch their understanding, and grow."

I think that saying "yes" to kids is a powerful way to allow them to explore their ideas. It makes my teaching more risky and more fun.

2. I'm Not Allowed to Use That - "We used our glue guns again this week to make frames as gifts. We made frames last year and it was a big hit. I anxiously prepared the materials, afraid that if I got too excited I would have another experience like my rope light fail."

Using glue guns with young kids always excites me and makes me think of other exciting possibilities when kids are given chances to use "dangerous" things. (Even if some of my friends think I'm a little crazy.)

For more about risk vs safety, read Deborah's post on Teach Preschool about finding balance between safety and exploration outside.

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