Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If It's Not What You Want, Change It

This week we were using our doll "house" and furnishings. I watched the play throughout the morning.

The play began as it usually does. Kids began deciding where furniture should go and played out typical scenarios.

Then I noticed something else had happened. Some block building had been happening near the house. But then the blocks became part of the house.

 There are no outside walls with my set so the boys created the walls themselves. I think it is pretty genius.

At one point, this was described to me as a prison. I guess because you couldn't get out. There was a prison bench and a movie room. (Don't ask me; I don't know.) A small block served as the TV...then was replaced by a larger one since it was a movie room. I guess guys like big screens even in their play.

Later still, play developed in a new direction. Apparently the boys decided they wanted a two-story house instead of just one level. Here's what I found.

This great house even comes with a slide so you can get from the top floor to the bottom one. (I guess you climb up the slide to get to the top floor.)

This project developed without any input from an adult. Sometimes I would make observations about what I saw happening (like Teacher Tom's narration). But all of the ideas in these pictures are direct results of the kids and their play. The activity was fully collaborative most of the time; at least, I assume so. There were at least 3 boys involved in what was happening at all times. I didn't hear any of the discussions - and apparently didn't need to hear any of it.

I don't know why but I am continually amazed by the ideas these kids have and the things they accomplish. I would never have thought to create a two-story house with this set.

I like the fact that they adapted and created just what they wanted. They had a few ideas and developed them fully. Exploration...critical thinking...problem solving. I hope they don't lose those skills as they grow older.

Here are a couple of previous posts about our house and furniture set.
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I got my set at Kaplan but they don't have it anymore. I'm sad. I just wonder what they would create with more walls and stuff!

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  1. What a fabulous dolls' house that is! And full credit to you for allowing these boys to be so creative around it.

    I particularly love that you've created an atmosphere where the boys feel free to experiment with what has often been catagorised as a 'girls' toy'- that is also a credit to your skills.