Saturday, April 16, 2011

Noisy and Messy

Today Teacher Tom posted about his class being quiet since several of his group was not in school. He wrote:
"I like a raucous classroom, one where we need to put our heads together to be understood, a place where children aren't always being shushed and warned about having to use their indoor voices."

His post got me to thinking about my "ideal" classroom. Here's what I concluded.

A classroom should be noisy. Noisy is the music of kids playing and learning.

A classroom should be filled with the hum of discussion. That hum means kids are sharing ideas.

A classroom should be flexible. Sometimes a table needs to move to make the room "work" for the day.

A classroom should be messy. That mess means investigation is happening.

A classroom should be chaotic. That chaos means kids are using their whole bodies to learn.

A classroom should be filled with play. Play is the work, the job, of the child.

A classroom should match the personality and interests of the child, not the teacher.

Once a cook on a cooking show spilled some of what she was mixing. "It's not a party until you've made a little mess." 

That's what I think about teaching. It's not learning until you've made a little mess...and a little noise.


  1. scott, This is so true!
    These are great pictures as well!

  2. i wish all classrooms were like this! thanks for the reminders, you and teacher tom!

  3. I like this post a lot Scott. And I agree, what a great set of photos to illustrate your points. Rock on, my brother!

  4. Wonderful post Scott and I love the photos.

  5. Love it! Thank you for the reminder...just because I have a headache, doesn't mean the children should be a tab more quiet. ;)

  6. Fantastic post, Scott. Your kids are so lucky to have you!

  7. Have I told you I like the way you think Scott ... 'cos I do!
    Donna :) :)

  8. This is wonderful, Scott! When it's loud, it's a sure sign of engagement!

  9. Brilliant & thanks for reminding me why my classroom 'seems' chaotic to outsiders!