Thursday, December 22, 2011

We're Still Using Our Paper Strips

We had paper strips out to decorate the tree. We had them out again the next week and created lots of chains. This week I put them out again. I did not put out the staplers; instead we had glue sticks and scissors. I thought that might lead to a different kind of creating.

But apparently we were not finished exploring paper chains.

I use staplers instead of glue sticks when encouraging construction since the staplers allow for instant permanency. With glue sticks, the circles sometimes come unstuck and must be held (or more glue applied) so the chains will stay together. (Also staplers are one of our favorite things, a real tool to use!)

This chain grew really long...and was a pattern.
I'm sorry I didn't get a photo of the completed one.
I suggested that the strips could be cut and glued to other paper, but chains were still the main attractions.

Then, something else occurred.

"The place where Jesus was born"
We've had a lot of fun with strips but I think we'll retire them for a while. I think we've just about exhausted our chain exploration. (And we've used up almost all the strips that were cut.)

I wonder what we'll explore so thoroughly next?

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