Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Paper Strips Redux

We had lots of paper strips left over from our Christmas tree decorating last week. The kids weren't very interested in them then. So this week I put the strips and staplers out with the writing box. No expectations or instructions. Just added the materials to the crayons, markers, and paper that are normally available. This week the strips drew interest.

I didn't suggest anything. Some just drew on the strips. Some stapled the strips together in cross shapes. One boy made a circle with a strip and slid it onto his wrist. But when the first child began to make a chain, everyone at the table became interested.

I still have some strips. I think this week they will appear in the writing center with scissors and glue sticks. Maybe we'll make cards like these cards on Camp Slop. Or not. That's the exciting part. I don't know what they'll do - or if they'll ignore them again. I love to see what kids come up with!

(Check out this post about paper chains at Weeds in the Garden. Now that's a paper chain!)

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