Saturday, July 9, 2011

Favorite Things: Staplers

We love to use real tools. One of our favorite tools is the stapler. It's a tool that can be difficult to master but lots of fun to learn to use.

We like to use the stapler to make paper chains. Sometimes we just like to staple paper together.

But our favorite way to use the stapler is to make books.

We are learning more about letters, words, sentences, print, and books. We are learning to read and write. We are learning about Bible verses and reading the Bible. But we like to make our own letters, words, sentences, and books, too.


  1. At our place it's the selotape dispenser which is most adored. I love it when good design means the kids can then use materials all by themselves - giving them the freedom to be creative without any adults needed.

  2. I love how hands-on learning in your classroom really means hands-on learning. I never know what to write in the comments, but the projects you do make me smile.

  3. Cathy - we love tape, too - especially masking tape.

    John - Thanks. I really appreciate your comment. We definitely like to get hands-on.