Friday, October 21, 2011

Six Fall Activity Ideas

Here are some recent fall ideas that have inspired me.

Deborah at Teach Preschool created some fun fall leaves. She melted crayons with candle warmers on small leaf shapes. I like the small size and low heat of the candle warmers for this activity. I can see all kinds of possibilities for this idea.

StrongStart blogged about using watercolors and salt to create salty leaves. The texture is great and, as you can see by the pictures, the enjoyment is pretty high, too.

Valerie at Frugal Family Fun blog listed some ideas for fall, including this idea for marbled leaves from Little Wonders' Days. These leaves are beautiful and the process is fun and unique.

Crafty Crow blogged about twig books. I've seen this idea before, using twigs as binders for books. But I like these small books, perfect for some writing practice if you can't find a small notepad anywhere.

Juliet at I'm a Teacher, Get Me Outside Here always has great ideas for using sticks, twigs, and other natural items for learning and discovery. This measuring stick intrigued me. Kids like exploring math (even when they don't know that's what it is!).

And, speaking of math, this post on Child Central Station shows kids doing math with sticks, stones, and leaves. Sometimes just a basket or stack of items encourages lots of play and experimentation. (This guest post is by Lesley Romanoff at Takoma Park Cooperative Preschool.)

(Of course, we like to use stones in our classroom, too.)

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  1. Great round up, thanks Scott. Even though I am in Australia where it is not fall and we call it autumn?! they are still useful links. I have a good leaf template for craft on my site and rock collecting, painting and patterning.