Monday, October 17, 2011

More Car Play

In our dramatic play center this week, we had our steering wheel, pretending to drive to church (and other places). The steering wheel and four chairs make up the car. The kids always enjoy this type of play.

We load up the car and drive away. This time we even loaded up the trunk.

So many kids joined in this play that we had to expand our car into a minivan.

I loved hearing the kids' conversations--

"Is this a real steering wheel?"

"Y'all be quiet. I need to concentrate (while driving)."

"I'll sit in the trunk."

"I'm driving. He's just holding the steering wheel for me."

My favorite moment: A boy went to the kitchen, got the small telephone, and dropped it in the lap of the girl who was driving. Apparently you must have a phone while driving. Hmm, wonder where he saw that?

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