Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The RV

I love it when my kids surprise me, when they take an activity and go a step further than I could have imagined. This week I had put out the dress-up clothes and a suitcase--to pretend to take a trip.

The kids pretended to be a family. Some packed the clothing in the suitcase and others began using the dishes.

And, of course, every family needs a dog.

Then I was asked one of my favorite questions: "Can we use this over there?" Of course, I said, "Yes." And she dragged the chair over to the table.

"We're in an RV [recreational vehicle]. We don't live in it. We're just moving."

The chairs had become the seats at the front of the RV.

They continued to play being a family. My favorite moment? One of the girls was holding the baby doll and dropped the bottle. A boy picked up the bottle, walked over to the play sink, "washed off" the bottle, and handed it back. That's playing out what he has experienced.

"Now we're going camping," they told me. They cooked. They drove the RV. They played out being a family.

I would not have imagined playing out traveling in an RV. I always enjoy when they surprise me.

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  1. This is so cool, Scott! I love that the little guy washed the bottle, before returning it to the baby. Everyone seems to find a role, even if it is the family pet. Summer is the perfect time for a family road trip in an RV! :)