Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Let's Make It As Dirty As Possible"

It seems I keep getting reminded about boys and teaching them. (For some past blog posts about this, check these: Boys Will Be....; Expecting Them to Be Boys; All Twisted Up.)

Three boys were at the easel, using the dry erase markers. One thing about boys - they build ideas off of each other. These three were having a good time drawing and erasing. Then one of them said, "Let's make it as dirty as possible." And then they went to work.

They each took off the lids of several markers and began to draw and scribble.

Of course, I saw this as a cool idea. (I'm not sure Cindy would have approved, but she was out.)

They enjoyed making the easel "dirty" and then erasing it. Then they started again.

I did feel that we all needed Cindy there to tell us when it was enough. They did get a little rowdy with it. But the markers all ended up with lids on them.

Well, at least most of them.


  1. I admire their dedication to the task at hand!

  2. Markers with lids -- it can only be viewed as a huge success! - Bethe

  3. Hey Scott they were boys with writing implements in their hands!!!! Regardless of the noise and the result I'm sure Cindy would be have pleased just to see it!
    Donna :) :)

  4. This is cool! I have a parenting blog and today's post was about letting kids be kids, get dirty, express themselves, etc.

    Then I found your blog through twitter (I'm @lifewpie on twitter) and saw this - exactly what i mean! Looks like the kids had a blast. :)

  5. Haha - I am impressed that you even found the lids to the markers!

  6. You can tell I was excited about the markers and lids. I took a photo of them just to show that the lids made it back on. I did find a couple without lids but the lids were in the container, too, so no lost lids.

  7. Our lids always mysteriously disappear :)

  8. Ha! Boys do build off of each other - no experience with girls, so I'm not sure if they do it too. :)