Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Farming Kid Style

This week Cindy was not feeling well, so I was on my own in the classroom. I put the farm stuff in the blocks center.

The first two girls who arrived were standing around, trying to decide what to do. I mentioned that horses were in the blocks center and they immediately headed there.

They began to create a farm. Since I was working throughout the room to help make sure everything was running smoothly, the kids were pretty much on their own.

I would stop by and encourage them to talk about what was happening. I mentioned that they could use the blocks to build, too. But they were uninterested.

One child was unhappy because he didn't have any fence to build. I again reminded them that the blocks were available to use, too, so he decided to use that to create a fence.

Then the farm really began to grow. I got these pictures of the whole spread.

Pig pen
Parking garage or tractor barn
Horse barn and corral
The kids did all of this own their own. I may have mentioned using blocks or made an observation or two about what I saw...but the ideas and construction were all their own.

I was reminded of my place as a teacher - a guide, a facilitator, and a commentator. But they are the true idea generators.

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  1. Hmmm intriguing.
    Your post is teasing out playful ideas from me.
    I do think the concept of farm is very rich. Food production. Ecology. Heritage and history.
    And here -- contstructing community.
    Wow - lots to build on from curricula hooks to emergent curricula.