Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coming Soon: Book Study Blog Party

Book cover from
I have come to love blogging. But one "perk" of blogging took me completely by surprise. I wasn't expecting the community that comes with it. I now have blog friends from around the world. And I learn so much from them each week.

Something that has grown from that community is a book study blog party. Pre-K Pages has organized our book study. Read details here. Several bloggers will be discussing chapters of the book Literacy Beginnings (including me). You can join in, too. Get a copy of the book, read along, and offer your own insights on the blogs or on your own blog. Or you can read and comment on what the bloggers say without reading the book.

Part of the joy of community is learning and growing together. That's one of my favorite parts of working with young children - interacting with others who are passionate about it, too.

Pre-K Pages

The book study blog party starts on June 27.


  1. Hmmmm .... I haven't heard of this one Scott. I must look into what it's all about.
    Donna :) :)

  2. Thanks for participating Scott, I can't wait to read your posts!