Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Gourds

This month we're focusing on fall and Thanksgiving as well as God's love and care. Ms. Cindy bought some fall gourds and corn. We really didn't have a specific plan for these...or a specific place to put them in the room. All of our tables and centers were planned and these items just didn't supplement what was going on in those centers.

So, we put them in the writing center. Partly as a last resort and partly thinking that kids may want to write or draw something related to these items. (And partly because Cindy bought them and we were definitely going to use them!)

"O" chose the small pumpkin and decided to trace around it.

He then drew inside and decorated the resulting "pumpkin." He added more details to his picture, creating a crowd around his pumpkin.

I love to see kids take the initiative. Sometimes I work too hard and try to think of all the angles and possibilities. This group of kids is teaching me to relax more. I'll still plan and prepare (that's a given and a must). But I can rely on them to think and experiment. 

I am so thankful for this class. We're learning more together!


  1. You're so right Scott. Our job is really to 'plant the seed' and let the children run with it. It is then that we need to foster and extend THEIR ideas! How lovely to think your children are teaching you to relax more ... There aren't too many professions out there we people can say THAT! :)
    Donna :) :)

  2. I tried to get them to let me really relax - but they nixed the idea of a nap! :)

    I'm usually pretty relaxed about things but lately have been really stressed about the "best" activities for teaching. Relaxing more now.

  3. Well I wouldn't stress too much over that Scott. From what I see you're doing an AMAZING job! :)
    Donna :) :)