Friday, November 13, 2009

Blogs to Spark Your Creativity

I love to read what other teachers are doing. Their words or photos spark ideas for my class–things I could do better or new ways to do something. Recently I have discovered some new blogs. Well...they're new to me. These blogs help me laugh and learn about teaching preschoolers and kindergartners. Maybe they will help you, too.

Preschool Daze
I love this blog, especially the photos. Every new post shows me a fun idea. I like reading what she has to say, but the photos give me so many ideas. I'm not sure how to use most of the ideas she has given me, but I'm going to try and incorporate some of her energy and creativity into my Sunday School class. This was one of my favorite finds on her blog: r is for roll

This blog chronicles the teaching and times of a male kindergarten teacher. I laugh and relate to his encounters with kindergartners and their growing brains. I loved one recent post; he had to determine just exactly what one little girl was talking about...and haven't we all been there. Read it for yourself: I Saw Mr. Weenie Today!

A preschool teacher tells about what happens in his classroom. I've really enjoyed his "dangerous" activities lately. The post that got me started with Teacher Tom is this one: Manufacturing Patterns

What blogs or sites do you regularly visit for inspiration?

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