Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We Love Tape

Masking tape--especially colored masking tape--has been a favorite of my kindergarten classes for the past few years. This group has enjoyed using tape, too. A couple of weeks ago, we made roads for our cars.

We made a nice tight grid of streets.

And made a little loop onto the tile.

One boy created a parking lot for the cars.

Then our roads got a little crazy. (Maybe this is what happens in big cities!)

Another activity we did a few weeks ago was in the art center. We had paper, markers, tape, and scissors. The idea was to create a "quilt" by drawing on smaller pieces of paper and taping them together along the edges. The kids had other ideas. They taped paper into books, designs, signs, and folded paper and tape over each other in various ways. Here's some of their work:

If you are using tape, remember to provide scissors to cut it. Tearing tape is a difficult skill and you will be tearing a lot of tape if you don't give them scissors to use. Threes and younger fours will probably have difficulty using scissors, too, so be available to help. Or cut lengths of tape ahead of time and stick them to waxed paper. Kids can pull off the tape easily to use.

A couple of links related to masking tape:

  1. Look at what Teacher Tom's class did with tape: Tape Machine Update
  2. Here's the tape machine he made: The Tape Machine   (I may have to investigate this further - we may need a tape machine in my room!)
  3. Where do you get colored masking tape? Discount School Supply is where I go:   colored masking tape

Do you use masking tape in fun ways? Let me know.

All photos by R. Scott Wiley


  1. Hey Scott! Today, I put sticker dots on the floor and numbered them. Then we used masking tape to play connect the dots. It took awhile to get the hang of it, but there was a core group of guys who really got into it.

    Love finding a fellow traveler in the masking tape world!

  2. I LOVE the tape roads. I'll have to try this. My kids love tape also! Jenny