Thursday, December 15, 2016

Things That Have Me Thinking

Throughout this fall, I have been reading the book Free to Learn by Peter Gray. Some of the ideas and concepts in that book have had me thinking. I really like it when someone brings me new ideas or challenges my own ideas, making me rethink or at least examine my assumptions and conclusions.

Here are some posts that have had me thinking in the past couple of weeks. These also connect to play and learning and freedom and independence, so maybe those topics are just catching my attention lately.

Recess Responses: Challenging Five Common Excuses for the Removal of Playtime (Not Just Cute)
I love to read Amanda's blog. Just about every post makes me think. And often she writes what I've been pondering in ways that are much clearer than I could ever write. In this post Amanda takes on some excuses about declining recess in schools.

Here's the Scoop on Crafts Vs Art in Preschool (Teach Preschool)
Deborah reviews her listening to a broadcast on BAM Radio about this topic. Then Deborah thoughtfully lays out her own approach to this in her classroom. Some great stuff in this balanced approach - as always from Deborah.

Brave (Teacher Tom)
Tom reviews his group's use of swings on their playground...and in the process stresses that kids can participate in risky play and know their own limits without a lot of guidance from adults. Tom's writing here connects with some of the things that Peter Gray has written in Free to Learn. (Those reflections coming soon.)

Things Adults Say (Sandy Reads)
Sandy reflects on her recent experiences as a learner and what the teacher has said to her. Sandy writes about how we as adults say similar things to our young students and those kids may not be able to process things in the same way. This makes me think about what I say and listen to myself in the classroom more.

How 4 Words Changed the Way I Talk to My Kids (Not Just Cute)
Amanda (again) writes about changing the use of but in our conversations with kids and what to say instead. Our words are powerful and we must be careful what we say to kids and in the presence of kids. (See my related post Wielding Our Power Carefully.)

The Ultimate Guide to Fine Motor Strength with Recycled Containers (Sugar Aunts)
Using squeeze bottles and water to build hand strength. I loved this simple (and yet not so simple) idea...and it recycles/repurposes things, too!

What's inspiring you?

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  1. This is Sandy. I enjoy reading what you have to say and I am tickled that you shared my post. That was truly the first time I've ever been so out of my element (that I can recall) and I realized, hey this is the type of stuff that the "difficult" children in classrooms hear all the time! It really is our struggles that help us better ourselves. Merry Christmas!!