Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Shapes and Nativity Patterns

This group of kids keeps me guessing. They don't really do art. They love to do blocks. They do like games. Some of them like to do anything with others. A couple like to do things alone. But we are learning that they need time - time to do some familiar things and then explore the rest of the activities.

Cindy found some nativity patterns at This Reading Mama. We printed them and put them out with our magnet shapes.

After a little while, kids decided to explore the shapes. Some worked hard to match the patterns.

Some explored the shapes and patterns in their own unique style.

I even worked on one a little.

The boys wondered about the "profile" king and his one arm. So they decided to create more arms for him. (I think at one point he had almost 20 arms in various places on his body.)

By the time my boys were really engaged in this, our time was running out. I'll put it out again this week and maybe they will get into it more quickly.

Or - as this group has shown me - we may do something else completely different.

P.S. Here's the link again to the free nativity patterns we used. They are from This Reading Mama. I have no affiliation with that blog - we just liked and used the patterns.

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