Wednesday, September 14, 2016

5 Ways to Make a Collage

Making a collage is simply gluing a variety of materials together to create something. Here are 5 different ways to create collages in a preschool or kindergarten classroom.

1. Use stickers.
Provide a variety of stickers and paper. Kids can pull stickers and arrange them in a design. We've used foam stickers, shape stickers, jewel stickers, and picture stickers. We've used paper strips, larger pieces of paper, and one large piece of paper to make a group collage.

2. Use tape.
Provide colored tape and paper. Kids can stick strips of tape on a piece of paper. Or they could use tape to stick smaller pieces of paper together to create a larger design.

3. Use contact plastic.
Cut squares of clear contact plastic. Peel the backing off and lay on the table sticky side up. Kids can arrange paper onto the sticky paper. Place another piece of clear contact plastic on top of the collage when the kids finish. If you use tissue paper, the finished collage can be hung in a window as a sun catcher. If you use felt, kids can reposition the materials or remove them entirely.

4. Use hot glue gun.
Using a hot glue gun allows kids to use recycled items (like lids) or harder-to-glue items (like wooden shapes). We used a paper plate as a sturdier base. (It's more rigid than construction paper and holds the hot glue better.) You could also use poster board or cardboard as a base or pieces of those for collage materials.

5. Use self-stick notes.
Self-stick notes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. These make great materials for collaging. Use the notes on a wall or large board (for temporary designs). We used our oil drip pan magnet board. Or make the collage on pieces of paper for kids to take home. These can be repositioned or removed as kids change the design.

Of course, you can also use paper scraps, paper shapes, or paper strips with scissors, and glue sticks.

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How have you made collages with preschoolers?

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