Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Water Bottle Collages

Last week I read the Teach Preschool post on water bottle collages. This idea fit perfectly with what I was planning this week, so we did it.

I put out the bottles, some shredded paper I already had, and some stickers (for the outside of the bottle). I also cut construction paper into strips.

One of my boys sat down and began to work. He is a guy that often stays in the blocks center or moves around a lot.

He sat and worked for quite a while. I was surprised that he worked for such a long time.

He would slide one piece of paper into the bottle at a time. The construction paper strips were wider, so he worked to find the best way to put them in the bottle.

He also was determined to cover the outside with stickers. He filled the bottle inside and out.

A couple of other kids had a different approach to the activity. They really liked the shredded paper and used it only.

The boy took a small handful of the shredded paper and made a small ball. Then he placed the ball over the opening of the bottle and repeatedly pressed his finger through, up and down like a hammer.

He worked until the paper fell into the bottle. Then he would get more paper and start again.

The girl working at the table watched his process and tried the same process.

Other kids tried some different methods, too. One girl said, "I'm going to roll up the paper first." She took a construction paper strip, rolled it into a circle, and slid it into the bottle.

This activity seemed like a calming one for the kids. Definitely one full of process and thinking. We'll be doing this again. Maybe with other kinds of paper. Thanks, Deborah and Teach Preschool!

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  1. I love this idea Scott. Today Sherry and I visited a preschool here in Melbourne who have made very similar bottles and hung them outside in their trees as garden art and they looked FANTASTIC!!! You know we're going to have to try this now don't you??? ... Of course you do!
    Donna :) :)