Thursday, March 10, 2016

5 Ways to Use Lego Bricks

We love to use Lego bricks. We build all kinds of creations and like it!

But there are other ways to use these interlocking blocks, too. Here are five (well, maybe a little more than five) ideas for using these bricks for fun learning and exploration.

1. Build Letters and Spell Names (or other words)
We have explored building letters using the bricks. Then we spell our names with them.
Building Names (Brick by Brick)
Alphabet Cards Printable (One Beautiful Home)

2. Make a Game
You can use these interlocking bricks to make games or play games. Check out these ideas--

3. Use Them with Water Play
Lego bricks and water make a great fun combination! 

4. Set Up a Lego Bricks Store
We have had bookstores and grocery stores and even clothing stores. But we've never played in a Lego store. 

5. Make Puzzles
I've made puzzles in a variety of ways but never with interlocking bricks. What a great idea!

And, when you're building with interlocking blocks, try them out on the table and on the floor. Sometimes the building will change and the ways children explore will create new learning.

These are just some of the ways you can use interlocking bricks for other learning. What are ways you've used these wonderful tools?

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