Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Inspiration from the Blogosphere - 1/20/16

Reading blogs in my feed, on Facebook, and on Twitter is a great way to learn new things, have your thinking challenged, and just get inspired. Here's what inspired me recently from around the blogosphere--

Teaching Children the Way They’re Meant to Learn: Read Along Section One
Amanda at Not Just Cute has started a read along of Rae Pica's book What If Everybody Understood Child Development? As you know, I read and reflected on this book last summer. I'm really interested in what Amanda has to say about it.

QuotED: Rae Pica
Speaking of Rae Pica, here's a quote of hers that I love. It was posted in the quotations area of BAM Radio and inspired me again this week.

7 Truths Every Teacher Should Know About Sensory Processing
Dayna of Lemon Lime Adventures was a guest blogger on Pre-K Pages. Every time I read her posts, I think more and more about how kids are different and that we as teachers need to think about how our individual kids react and reflect on what we do.

Turns Out Monkey Bars and Kickball Might Be Good for the Brain
This NPR post highlights an elementary school in Texas that is adding more recess to the school day and seeing academic increases as a result. I'm reading more things about the value of play and least more people recognizing the value of those things. It's encouraging and affirming when I read these things in more mainstream places.

Picture Books in Middle School
The always-inspiring Pernille Ripp posts about why she uses picture books in her middle school classroom. I love picture books and have used them in all my classrooms (preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade). These books can be important ways to talk about all kinds of things - for all ages of kids. Pernille inspires me in many ways and often challenges me to examine my practice. I loved this post.

Shake Painting
I enjoy seeing a "new" way to paint or explore art. No Time for Flash Cards has a new (to me) way to paint - shapes and paint in a container and SHAKE! I think this is a great way to paint...especially for those adults and/or kids who don't like a mess.

What has inspired you lately?

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