Monday, November 2, 2015

EC Book Study

This summer I read and reflected on Rae Pica's book What If Everybody Understood Child Development? I am also a part of the EC Book Study at Early Childhood and Youth Development blog.

"Chapters 19 and 24 bring up two issues that I wouldn’t think would arise in early childhood—testing and homework. I know that some 5-year-olds are sitting in a room, listening to instructions being read and coloring in small circles with No. 2 pencils. I’ve read about (and seen) kindergartners taking home pages of homework at night (usually worksheets that need to be filled in). These issues are real for some of our youngest students; and these issues are problems for other grades, too."

Here are a few links about the issues of homework and testing.

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How PARCC Testing Is Affecting Our Classrooms - Washington Post
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What do you think about these issues? Post your comments at the EC Book Study (or below).

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