Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Beginning of School: Inspiration the from Blogosphere

As the school year begins, I've been reading all kinds of posts related to the classroom. While lots of blogs have been including activities and other helps for teachers, some posts have been triggering thoughts about students in the classrooms. Here are a few posts that have me thinking.

The Small Changes I Can Make (Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension) - Pernille Ripp always makes me think. But this post really hits home. What small things can I change or do that will make kids more successful? Have I been doing things that hinder kids' success?

The Secret of Success (Teacher Tom) - Speaking of success, Teacher Tom reminds (and challenges) us to remember that success in education is more than academics; we must think about those emotional and social skills. Our classrooms should be places children can "practice cooperating, sharing, resolving conflicts, and being sociable in the real world."

Working Together to Create a Classroom Community (Fun-a-Day) - This post is a great companion to the previous one. Check out these ideas for building community in your classroom. "A classroom community means that my room is a safe, friendly environment for everyone (kids and teachers, alike) to learn and grow together."

Hard Questions 5: New School Year Edition (#WmChamberlain) - This list of five questions can trigger lots of thinking. As you are preparing the classroom or beginning the year, these questions can lead you to reflect and possibly shift direction.

Does Your Classroom Tell a Story? (Edutopia) - Your classroom can be a place of curiosity and wonder. It can be a space that engages students and fosters meaningful conversations. These tips can help you create that type of environment.

What's Important (Brick by Brick) - Does your classroom focus on what you think is important or is it flexible enough to adjust to what kids think is important?

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