Thursday, July 9, 2015

Masking Tape Three Ways

I've blogged before about how much we love colored masking tape and how we use it for all kinds of things. Recently my class has used tape in three different ways.

First, we made letters. Well, the kids didn't use tape for this one; I did. I made letters on the floor. They used lids and blocks to outline the letters.

Building Letters with Tape and Lids (Brick by Brick)

Building Letters with Tape and Blocks (Brick by Brick)

However, I could have given tape to the kids and they could have created the letters first. Hmm. May need to do that next time.

Next, we used tape to create a poster. I had printed a featured word on paper. They decorated around, on, and over it.

Making Word Posters with Tape (Brick by Brick)

Word Posters with Tape (Brick by Brick)

My kids love to use scissors, so this activity was a bonus. We used tape AND scissors. I enjoyed seeing how each child would approach the task and use the materials in his own way...with his own ideas.

Then, we did our all-time favorite use of tape - we made roads for our cars. This time the road system went from the carpet to the tiled area of our room. We even had water and lava created, dangerous roads certainly.

Masking Tape Roads for Cars (Brick by Brick)

Making Roads for Cars with Tape (Brick by Brick)

A discussion broke out when one boy was using the tape to create the sides of the road ("Drive between the tape") and another one was using the tape for the roads ("Drive on the tape"). The difference was worked out and cars traveled around safely.

We love tape. It's one of our favorite things. We use it all the time. Sometimes we pull it out and use it in unplanned ways.

Using Masking Tape in the Preschool Classroom (Brick by Brick)

Here are some other ways tape has been used in my classroom---

Do you have new ideas for us?

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