Monday, April 6, 2015

Inspiration from the Blogosphere - Windy Day Edition

Spring is finally coming here. I've been thinking about fun things to do in the spring weather. Here are some fun "windy day" things to do.

Use a paper plate to make a kite: Decorate with markers, stickers, or your favorite art materials. Punch a hole in one side. Attach ribbon or crepe paper streamers to the side opposite the hole. (Use a stapler.) Tie string through the hole; tie a craft stick to the other end for holding. Experiment in the wind to make the paper plate kite fly.

Straw Airplane (Brick by Brick)Airplanes
Make an airplane from straws and paper strips.
Or fold lots of different paper ones using these ideas (10 Paper Airplanes).

Staple or tape ribbons to dowel sticks to make streamers to hold in the wind. Or tie long ribbons to small plastic bracelets to play with in the wind.

Flags, Pinwheels, Weather Vanes
Set up a small weather vane or stake a few flags or pinwheels in the ground. Watch them spin, turn, and flutter.

Make your own pinwheel - check out this how to (Red Ted Art).

Other Ideas
Blow bubbles and watch them float on the wind. Make your own bubbles (Science Kids).
Hang windchimes or mobiles and watch them move in the wind.

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