Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Good for Me!"

One of my favorite benefits in working with younger kids is to see how capable they are. Sometimes they surprise themselves. Sometimes they could always do it but did not have much opportunity. Sometimes I just enjoy seeing them do the things they do.

This week we made shakers - clear bottles, rice, masking tape, stickers. As we set up, we realized that we did not have a funnel. Pouring rice into the small opening of the bottles can be a little tricky. And messy. Now, I don't mind mess but try to minimize it whenever possible.

Cindy saw a small scoop in the rice bin. Perfect, she said. We'll just use that over the bin. 

It was great. The kids focused on pouring the rice in. Such concentration. They were very capable.

After getting rice into the bottles, they were ready for the outside. We had stickers but few wanted to use those. They wanted to use the colored tape!

Cutting lengths of tape can be tricky. Especially when using scissors may still be a developing skill.

A couple of times, I would offer to hold the end of the tape, to make a firm cutting line. Once, I said, "Would you like for me to hold the end of the tape?" Just then he snipped the tape off. "Good for you!" I said. "You did it."

Another boy quietly working nearby said, "Good for me!" as he continued to work.

Many eventually adopted the gravity technique. Hold the end of the tape and let the roll fall down; snip across the tape (and hear the roll hit the table!). 

While I would like to think that making a shaker was the activity here, I think cutting sticky tape was the real achievement. Sometimes the tape got folded on itself and was rendered useless. 

Our tabletop trash cans got lots of use. But that's okay.

I can always purchase more tape. I will not always have the opportunity to help kids develop competence and confidence. 

That sounds rather lofty. But I think that's just what was happening. 

And we got some really great shakers to play later with our music!


  1. Did somebody say tape? Tape is like magic to little kids :) You're spot on, the benefits of this activity went far beyond making a shaker!

  2. Love this post! You are a great teacher to recognize what a learning experience this was for the kids!

    Learning at the Teacher Table