Monday, July 28, 2014

Pinterest - I Gave In

For quite a while now, I keep telling people that I have resisted Pinterest.

Not because I think it isn't valuable or helpful. It is. In fact, even as I resisted, I would peek from time to time to find something specific.

But I kept resisting. Because I knew it could be a bad idea for me. Pinterest, it wasn't you. It was me.

I often fall into the rabbit hole of social media and blogs. I sit down to get some work done, take a look at Twitter or Facebook or Feedly for just a minute, and look up hours later with nothing accomplished.

And I knew that Pinterest would probably be even more so.

But I recently decided that it would be more helpful that hurtful - and I would just need to exercise some restraint. So I joined up.

I have two boards that have received the most attention at this point--

  • Art Ideas - ideas for all kinds of fun art explorations for kids
  • Dollar Store and Dumpster - ideas for repurposing and reusing items - really lots of ideas for homemade, inexpensive teaching and play resources

I also have a board for Brick by Brick posts and a couple of other school ones. I plan on adding specific areas of play or types of activities in the future.

You see, I'm trying to exercise restraint. I don't want to spend a lot of time there, all at once.

Maybe this will work out after all.

Feel free to post links to your Pinterest boards in the comments. I'll visit...some time soon...I think.

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