Monday, July 14, 2014

Inspiration from the Blogosphere - 7/14/14

Here are some things that caught my attention this week. I can see all of these becoming a part of my classroom.

Salt Painting (Jojoebi Designs) - Glue design, sprinkle salt, paint with watercolors. I see lots of opportunities for exploration and creativity.

Forensic Science for Kids (Lovable Learning) - Put together a kit to explore forensic science techniques.

Fine Motor Math Game (Pre-K Pages) - Homemade cubes, beans, chenille stems - counting practice...and maybe finding patterns.

DIY Play Dough Toys (Kids Activities Blog) - It's not often that I want to immediately do what a blog post contains. This one made me want to go to the 24-hour Walmart at midnight to get outlet covers. We're definitely trying this.

Spin Art Rocks for Kids (Meri Cherry) - I've seen using a salad spinner to make paintings - and even paint t-shirts. But I haven't see the rock idea.

I liked each of the above ideas because they repurposed or reused items in new ways. I always enjoy that.

I've also been following the Challenging Behaviors book study, collecting those posts on my book study page. Some great stuff in those posts.

And I saw this post about challenging behaviors, too: Perspective - A Powerful Tool for Challenging Behaviors (Not Just Cute)

Anything that really inspired you this week?

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