Friday, June 13, 2014


Movement (Brick by Brick)

You have probably seen this article about why kids fidget. It's all over my social media.

This article and my current life circumstances have me reflecting a lot. My current circumstances? I'm looking for a new teaching position; I'm not returning to last year's school. Since I have a transitional license at the moment, they have the option of rehire each year. They chose not. And that's okay.

Shape Graph (Brick by Brick)

Anyway, I've been reflecting a lot. And the article about moving reminded me of my reasons for wanting to move into the elementary classroom - and reminded me of some of my fundamental core beliefs about education and kids.

I believe kids need to move and to play - they need to explore to learn.

Measuring (Brick by Brick)

I've incorporated some movement and play in my classroom this past year. But not enough. I've tried to include regular routines that make learning more like a game. But not enough.

I know I am a teacher. That's what I've been made to do. Maybe in a classroom. Maybe on the written page. Maybe in other new ways. But I am a teacher.

Pipes (Brick by Brick)

And I'm a teacher of young kids. My year in first grade and year in second grade were valuable for learning and growing (me and the students). But I'm a kindergarten and early childhood teacher at heart.

So, I'm rebooting at this point. I will find a way to be a teacher, a kindergarten and ECE teacher. I don't know where or what or how. But I do know that play and movement and exploration will be key at this point. Either as a writer or a classroom teacher or a way yet to be determined.

Magnet Sticks (Brick by Brick)

To quote Mr. Rogers: Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.

I think I'm back. At least I feel more like myself at the moment.

Draw and Erase (Brick by Brick)

Know someone who wants to hire a rebooted teacher? :)


  1. That quote is priceless and this post is too! I can't wait until you find your perfect fit in the teaching profession. I still think you ought to move away from TN and to IN:) We would make a might team with all my fidgety, play lovin kids!

  2. YEA! Welcome back Scott :) And no, IN is not for you- come to Texas!

  3. Scott, Don't be like me and give up on the classroom. Go for it and show them how it is done. :-)