Friday, June 6, 2014

Inspiration from the Blogosphere - Repurposing Edition

This week I read all kinds of posts about repurposing things. That's my favorite things to do for the classroom and the kids! Here are some great ideas that I ran into this week--

10 Playful Ways to Transform a Pizza Box (Teach Preschool) - Deborah and Courtney give ideas for all kinds of ways that pizza boxes can supplement your classroom.

Lego Math: Skip Counting (Kids Activities Blog) - I've never seen this idea before. Use Lego bricks to "build" a skip counting sequence. Lots of thinking can happen with this.

DIY Pool Noodle Connectors (A Little Pinch of Perfect) - A truly great repurposing idea (and just in time for summer)! I don't have a need for this at the moment, but I still want to hit the dollar store and get these just to make them.

Rock Dominoes (childcareland blog) - I'm always looking for ways to incorporate nature materials in learning experiences. I love these rock dominoes. I think they look great just in a bowl or jar, too.

Sidewalk Chalk (Mr. Mark's Classroom) - Kids love chalk, and kids love writing on sidewalks. Make your own sidewalk chalk and have a great time outside.

Build a Play Dough Toolkit (Modern Parents, Messy Kids) - Play dough can be a great creative exploration for kids. Throw in a few household items and have even more fun. Look around your house or classroom and find new things to add to your play dough fun.

P.S. It's summer, so it's time for the summer book study. This year the focus isn't on a book but a topic - challenging behavior. Find out all the details at Pre-K Pages. (Check out this page for past book studies. I'll post updates for this year's study there, too.)

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