Saturday, May 17, 2014

Time to Refocus

When I began this blog - gosh, 5 years ago - my intent was to think about and talk about how young kids learn and to share my ideas for teaching them. In recent years, this blog has been more about my personal journey instead of ideas about teaching. Thank you for following that journey. I really appreciate it.

Now, I face a transition. (That's for a later post.) And I think my blog needs one, too. I would like to refocus the blog back on teaching and ideas about teaching. My reflections will always be a part of my blog - after all that's who I am.

But the blog should be about teaching and kids and ideas - not me. In light of that refocus, here are some posts that inspired me this week.

Inspiration from the Blogosphere

How to Make Ice Cream in a Coffee Can (Twodaloo) - I've done this before and it's a lot of fun. I enjoyed reading this post and being reminded of this great idea!

PVC Pipes + Connectors + Water = Physics (rubberbooks and elf shoes) - I always enjoy using PVC pipes. My kids have asked for water before but I haven't been set up to include it. This post shows me that we need to do it! (One of my top posts on PVC pipes)

Play or Work (Elementary My Dear, or Far From It) - Jenny sums up in this post what I've been feeling all year. I think I've been living with "messages that go against everything I believe." I'm not sure where to go from here, but things are going to change. This post reminds me of that.

Environmental Print Bingo (Pre-K Pages) - I love using environmental print and this post is a fun game using environmental print. And you can get a free printable!

Selfie Puzzle (Getting Messy with Ms. Jessi) - Combining technology, a favorite trend (selfies), and craft sticks? A great combination. And building number sense by adding numerals.

Thanks for being a part of my online community. I have learned so much from each of you and hope to continue to share and learn with you.

P.S. Have you seen this book by Deborah Stewart? She's the hardest working preschool blogger and teacher and writer and queen-of-all-media. And a great online friend. This book helps parents know more about developing skills and supporting learning so kids will be ready for the start of kindergarten.

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  1. Hi Scott! I was just looking over an old post of mine and read a comment from you and wondered how you'd been. :) And after reading this post I was thrilled to see my "selfie" puzzle. Thank you! Excited to see more of your awesome posts. You are an amazing 'bricklayer"!