Friday, January 24, 2014

Not Enjoying Yet

Caution (Brick by Brick)
I knew when I chose ENJOY as my word for 2014, I was asking for trouble. And that's happened. Since we've started back to school, it seems that things have felt just about everything but enjoyable.

My kids seems more ramped up and less attentive. Less interested in working or paying attention or doing anything but what they want.

Yes, I know they are 7 and 8 years old. Yes, I know that kids are like that. But things seem a level higher on the challenge scale. Of course, the temps have been crazy cold and they are cooped up all the time (in school and out of school).

I have had some warm fuzzies and small triumphs. I have enjoyed some of the things that are happening. But Thursday - at one moment - if there had been anyone...ANYONE... that could have stepped into my classroom, I would have left for the day. (I know, terrible teacher.)

So, I vented and fretted and worried. I pondered that whatever is going on in the classroom is, at the root, my fault. My responsibility. But generating motivation and interest is hard. Maybe my skills aren't up to it yet.

On the way home, I continued to think about things; actually I just began to really dig in and think about solutions (other than being "sick" and a sub coming in). I need to listen to what the kids are telling me and how I can address that. And that doesn't mean we just cut math and spend the afternoon on games on the computer. I need to find ways to keep things moving. I need to work with individuals to find out what can help them focus and concentrate. And I need to get things together so those who are on track don't get penalized by those who aren't.

I need to regroup. Recognize the small moments when things happen that feel right and are right. I'm having some challenges. But I do care about these kids. They deserve the best I can give. I still have things to try and successes to enjoy.

Guess I'll go back.

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