Friday, January 31, 2014

Inspiration from the Blogosphere This Week

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Here are things I've tweeted, linked to, or posted to Evernote this week. (No, not pinned. I don't do Pinterest.)

DIY Junk Bingo Game (Teach Preschool) - Deborah posts a terrific idea. I'm going to figure out a way to do this with my second graders.

12 Awesomely Easy But Incredibly Ugly Indoor Activities for Kids (What Do We Do All Day?) - Indoor activities that kids do my themselves. According to the blogger, these may be ugly but they're awesome. I agree.

Storing and Organizing Independent Reading Books for Students (Clutter-Free Classroom) - Oh, does my classroom need to be clutter-free. I certainly enjoy reading about and saving ideas to make that happen. These ideas are great for getting a handle on students' independent reading. I'm going to implement some of these. (Honest, I will.)

DIY Notepads (Make, Take & Teach) - I love a good DIY/reuse and recycle idea. This one has lots of possibilities. I really like having the adhesive recipe.

Stretching Sounds in Words (Mrs. Jump's Class) - I've been looking for simple techniques and strategies for helping my struggling readers. I really like Stretchy. (And I think I need some wands. Wait! There are some in my garage right now!)

Why You Shouldn't Respond When a Difficult Student Has a Good Day (Smart Classroom Management) - Getting a handle on classroom management has been a challenge for me...especially lately. This post really made me think about some of my responses.

12 Half-Truths Pundits Say to Teachers (Education Rethink) - John always makes me think and rethink. His post has some great thoughts about reformers and their comments to teachers.

Top 12 Hilarious Teacher Jokes (Teach Hub) - And something just for fun!

An eclectic mix - but I guess I'm an eclectic reader.

What post did you save, tweet, link to (or pin) that I need to read?

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  1. Thanks for all of the links, Scott! The jokes cracked me up - and the difficult student/good day dilemma - was very insightful...