Sunday, December 15, 2013

Name That Number

"Now it's time to play...."

"Name that number!!"

My kids excitedly responded and clapped, ready to play our game again. I introduced this game a few weeks ago.

We've been working on place value and recognizing numbers in various forms. I created a PowerPoint presentation that has numbers in various forms; students must name the number. Then I advance the slide to show the answer.

In the past, I've called on individual students to answer or asked students to tell a partner before revealing the answer.

This week the kids all had pieces of paper. They wrote down their answer and then...drum rollllllll...the answer appeared so they could check. Cheers all around!

My kids really love this game. It was a quick game one day that has evolved into a favorite activity.

I can quickly change the digits or drawings to make a new version of the game. We run through it as practice or when I need a quick filler.

In the beginning of the year, we practiced our subitizing with some presentations that I had been given. I think I'm going to incorporate those diagrams and others to continue practicing numbers.

I think I'm going to incorporate some money concepts and addition/subtraction practice in our name that  number game to practice our skills.

I love it when something quick and easy becomes a fun way to build skills.

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