Monday, August 12, 2013

Putting It Into Practice

This summer we've been reading The Read-Aloud Handbook in our annual blog book study. Since I've been back at school, I've fallen behind on my reading. Reading the host blogs on the other chapters has me really motivated to finish it.

But I've tried to take the information I've learned and incorporate it into my classroom practice.

I have a bulletin board for our reading. At some point I would like for my kids to write about the books they read and post their suggestions and ideas for reading.

We did write a "review" of the big book we read last week. The kids helped me think of reasons we liked the book and what we wanted to say. I wrote their words and posted it on the board. We will do this a few more times together before I put out paper for them to write about books themselves.

Every day last week we had our "reading time." We have short time between our related arts time and lunch time. I had wondered what we would do during this time but it is now our reading time.

Kids choose books and find a place in the room to read.

We're still working on expectations during this time. It's not "silent" reading time, but most conversations are about books as they read and look together.

I hesitate to stop all talking since they are focused on books.

I'm working to refine this practice but I'm glad that we have at least established a routine of reading.

After lunch we have a read-aloud time, reading a chapter book. (Currently we're reading Junie B., First Grader at Last.)

As soon as the library is ready for us, we will go on regular visits to find our own books. These books will be a part of our regular reading time.

And anytime we have a few extra minutes, I grab a book and read it to them.

What ways have you used what you read in the book study?


  1. I love it! Your kids look so engaged and I especially liked the first picture where the two little girls look like they're sharing a book. By the way, did you make the red reading bench? It looks awesome!

    1. No I didn't make the bench. It was one of the great things in my room when I came in.

      The kids have been really fun to watch - the places they choose to read are so interesting.

      Thanks for reading my post.

  2. I love seeing young kids reading! It just lifts me up.

    My first graders also get so excited about their books. We implemented what we call 'buzzing about books'. After their quiet reading time everyone finds a buddy and talks about books. Knowing they will get to talk makes it easier to focus on reading.