Friday, July 26, 2013

Change Ahead

I've always thought of myself as an optimistic person. And I guess I am in public. When challenges arise, I look for the positive outcomes. When I see a child's behavior, I look for the great among the "not so great" behaviors.  For example, last year I told people, "My kids are so social. They like to talk about what they are doing." (Instead of saying, "Those kids will not be quiet!") And I meant it. I think it's great that kids want to talk about things and share their experiences.

But - inside - I often become a pessimist. Well, I say I'm practical. If something is changing, let's look for ways to be prepared for the worst. Note exactly a bad thing...but it can affect my overall attitude. This year we have a new principal. The principal who brought be to my new first grade adventure last year has been moved to a new school. In addition, he was a friend before he was my principal. Now we have a new one. And I'm worried...or...I'm thinking about possibilities under this change. What if the new principal doesn't like me or what I'm doing? What if she decides not to keep me on next year? (See, the year hasn't even started yet and I'm wondering about next year.)

This "practical" view of things can affect my work, or at least attitude toward what I'm doing. I am looking forward to a new year with (yes) a few changes - based on what I learned in my first year. I'm feeling more confident as a teacher of first graders. I really can't wait to see those kids in my classroom. But the inner dialogue of what "might happen" keeps intruding on that excitement.

So I want to change...change my thinking, change my self-talk. I've been working on seeing the great opportunities instead of pitfalls. Oh, I want to be prepared for whatever may come. But that doesn't mean that I need to dwell on these possibilities. I am going to have a fun and exciting year. (And if the new principal doesn't want me to come back next year, I'll deal with that in May. And look forward to the opportunities that may come with any future change.)

(This post is a part of #kinderblog13.)


  1. Love this post. Just like you, I find it so much easier to be optimistic with my students' behavior than it is with my own. I wish you all the luck in your new school year.
    -Erin @erocklewitz

  2. Great post! I completely understand wanting to change your thoughts. I am the same way. I am going to start saying that my class is very social. I like the way that sounds. Have a wonderful school year. Looking forward to your next post.


  3. I find it hard to believe you are a pessimist deep down inside:) I suppose we all have those little worries that come up when change is coming. I worry that my parents won't like me!