Monday, July 16, 2012

Surprise Endorsement

As we were preparing the room yesterday, a visitor appeared in the door. Someone who will be in our class next year...well, in 3 weeks. She looked in and Cindy began to talk to her.

"You'll be in here in 3 weeks," Cindy said. The girl smiled.

The girl's sister came up beside her. (We taught the sister last year.)

"It's a fun class," the sister said. "The best class."

I'm not trying to brag or boast. I'm not trying to glean compliments or tell others how great my class is.

I was humbled. And affirmed.

Thinking about how kids learn...letting kids explore their own ideas...using their interests to guide what happens in the room...makes an impact.

Apparently an impact that is remembered.

Thank you for making that kind of impact in the lives of children.

(Sorry for the self-congratulating post. The statement was so unexpected; it's still echoing in my head today.)


  1. Boast away! Compliments from kids are SO much better than any other!

  2. Aren't those the BEST endorsements...from the kids themselves! :) I think it's great to hear about these unexpected things! Those are the little things that really show you how important those small moments are in a child's life.