Friday, July 13, 2012

"I'll Do It"

Last year I blogged about our marble painting with a friend activity. We did it again recently and the kids loved doing it.

marble painting

I think the "partner" aspect attracts many kids. And you get to roll something back and forth fast. So fast that it sometimes gets really close to the edge.

marble painting

Or even falls off the table. But that's okay - it's sealed up.

Usually two kids will ask to do it together, doing the activity twice so each will have a painting to take home. If one child comes to do it, we'll ask him to find a friend to help him.

marble painting

This time one boy was always on standby - to be the other pair of hands if needed. Ms. Cindy would say, "___ needs a friend to help." He would say, "I'll do it!"...even if he was somewhere else in the room.

marble painting

It's great to always have a friend at the ready...someone that will say, "I'll do it" whenever you need some help. That's what a community is all about.

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