Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Making More Sand

This week the kids were playing with sand and animals. At one point, I came upon some kids packing and smoothing the sand up to one side.

Teacher Tom continues to challenge me to think about how I talk with kids. So I said, "It looks like you are packing the sand."

"We are trying to make more sand," they said.

This perplexed me.

"Okay," one said. "Now let's see if we have more sand."

They began to pull the sand down into the rest of the container.

They excitedly talked to each other as they worked.

"Did you make more sand?" I asked.

They kept working and talking together. I guess they didn't hear me...working so hard.

I'm still not exactly sure what they were doing. Did they think they could literally create more sand? Were they just playing and experimenting? Whatever the goal, the kids were focused on accomplishing their plan.

Having an idea - trying it out - working with others...I know when to let my question go unanswered.

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