Tuesday, April 17, 2012

These Shoes Were Made for Painting

We like to paint with all kinds of things. This week I put out some small shoes for painting. (A trip to a thrift store or bargain store can yield shoes for the task.)

The kids immediately began making prints.

I admired the kids' different techniques.

One boy repeatedly used the flip-flop shoe. He seemed to like the wavy pattern.

One boy liked to pound the shoes quickly all over his paper.

One dipped each shoe in the paint and carefully arranged them on the paper. Then he pulled them off carefully.

Then he began to explore rubbing the shoes on the other half of his paper, creating interesting lines and designs.

Exploring painting with shoes became a varied experience. Each child approaches an activity with his own interests and ideas. While the results may look similar, each one is full of different techniques and different learning.

As I choose what to do with my kids, I want this type of experiences–open-ended; process-oriented; full of possibilities. Just like my kids themselves.


  1. I like this Scott. Did you use big shoes, too, or just little shoes?

    1. We just used small shoes. I've used large shoes, too, in the past.