Thursday, April 19, 2012

Taking Care of It Themselves

This week we were using the dry erase board on the easel. We use it often, and usually there are 2 or 3 kids using it at the same time.

A couple of boys were drawing on the board at the same time. I heard some discussion at one point but that's not unusual. I looked over at the board and say this.

Intrigued, I walked over and watched for a few minutes. "Tell me about what you are doing," I said. The boy talked about what he is drawing.

I pointed to the large dark rectangle. "Tell me about this," I said.

"That's the line to divide the board," he said.

Often kids will divide the board...especially when one seems to encroach on the other's space (or drawing). What struck me about this was the size (and intensity) of the line. I wondered about it. Did the jockeying for space become a little too frustrating or aggressive? Was one boy having trouble staying within narrower boundaries? Was this the first line or the result of successive lines?

Ultimately it didn't matter. The boys took care of the situation themselves. Quietly. Cooperatively. Succinctly.

Sometimes it's nice not to be needed.

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