Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let's Zoo It Again

I repeat activities from year to year. Lots of reasons to do this, but one of my favorite reasons is to see how different groups of kids use the same materials. Different groups have different personalities and different interests - and those differences influence the way an activity happens.

We've used wild animals with the blocks...and usually we build zoos.

Two years ago...the kids built a large zoo all together.

Last year...the kids built individual zoos.

This year...the kids built some non-traditional zoos.

Same exact animals and blocks but three different results. Interests, experiences, and peer interactions all make these same materials have very different results.


  1. My almost 3 year old would fit in with your class this year. He prefers making towers and bridges and then putting animals and cars in interesting places.

  2. I think they're making museums!

  3. ok scott, you are really making me think here! i have never seen kids build a zoo in the block area...and they have animals in the block area a lot! it makes me wonder...what are the variables here? maybe because we only put one "genre" of animals at a time maybe so it encourages jungle or safari or polar animal play? i don't know but you've got my wheels spinning!

  4. I love how you add so many different elements to your block center! What a great way to encourage creativity. I just wanted to let you know that I linked to this post in my post today (

    Thanks for all the great inspiration!