Monday, March 15, 2010

Zoo: A Group Project

This week the boys worked together on a project with really cool results. They built a zoo of truly epic proportions. I put out blocks, animals, and a ZOO sign. The rest they planned and did on their own.

I loved watching them work together, practicing some give and take. They listened to each other's ideas and worked to improve the project as it went along.

At first, each specific animal (or sometimes animal category) had an individual pen. And someone had to sort and classify those animals.

However, as time went on, they needed to expand and their building materials were low.

Eventually, they had used all the blocks and created an open plan so the animals could "visit each other."

My favorite part of the entire process was watching the project adapt and grow. Each boy (no girls were a part of this particular undertaking) contributed and the result was probably greater than any one of them could have accomplished alone.

A group of kids working together to accomplish a goal - what teacher could ask for more than that?

Photos by R. Scott Wiley


  1. I for one can't think of anything more to ask either:) I love all the different learning that was going on - classifying, collaborating, comparing, and those are just the one's that start with the letter C - LOL!

  2. Our zoo this week was pretty fantastic, too. We added bristle blocks for food and cardboard blocks for the zoo entrance. Lots of fun. I need to learn from you and take more pictures of the kids learning in the Bible centers.

  3. This is what play-based education is all about, Scott! Pretty incredible cooperation. Sometimes it feels like magic! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Scott, this looks like they had a lot of fun! I love when my friends start really thinking creatively. Their imaginations have no limits. I think next week I may just sit in the block area and start a little something, or put out a few materials to see if it interests them. I like to get their interest and when they get involved, I let them take over. I scoot back and start taking notes and pics.