Wednesday, March 14, 2012

If You Give a Teacher a Blog

If you give a teacher a blog

He will write about the fun things his kids enjoy

And he'll begin to think about why they liked doing those things

And he'll reflect on how he teaches

He will want to find more ideas

And will discover lots of teachers who blog

He will comment on these blogs

And gain friends from all over the world

He will listen to one of these friends and start a Facebook page for his blog

And he will connect to even more new friends

He will try out some of the new ideas he discovers on these blogs

And do things he never would have tried before

He will attempt lots of experiments

He will succeed and will fail

His teaching will change and develop

He will see his kids spark new ideas and make him think

And he will want to blog about it.

Three years ago I posted my first post on Brick by Brick. (You can read it if you want...but I've definitely grown as a blogger.) It has been so much fun and I've enjoyed connecting with so many new friends. Thank you for reading along...and giving me so many new ideas and reasons to blog.


  1. I read that first post because I was just curious. I've only been going a little over a yr=ear as a blogger & I have certainly changed, grown, developed. learned and connected. I can't wait to see where 3 years will have me be, but I look forward to the journey. I'm just glad I've been able to collecct some of your intelect along the way and now count you as one of my good friends I've never met.

    Here's to many more great years ahead Scott :)

  2. Wonderful photo-story of your blogging life. I agree that blogging [Zella Said Purple] has changed my teaching life, step by step, and has opened my professional perspective on other approaches to supporting children. Glad to be a blog-friend of yours in the vast educational blogosphere. Cheers to continued, inspired blogging!

  3. I can't tell you how this made me smile. I am at the beginning of blogging but have worked with kids for over 18 years. I love your ideas and the way you share them. Thank you for all of it.

  4. Awesome reflection here, Scott! I agree, blogging has really brought unexpected growth and a wonderful network of teachers!

  5. This time last year, I didn't know what a blog was -- now I have 3! You have explained very well what has happened with me, too -- I am a better teacher because of all the things I have learned from bloggers.

  6. Wonderfully creative blog today. Especially since we read "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" today!

  7. Wonderful! If you just replaced the word teacher with parent, you would get my story. I feel like I've grown so much from my blog and from the people I've connected with... and yes, tried many things I wouldn't have tried before. I enjoy reading your blog, so keep writing, doing, and playing!

  8. Aww.... Happy Blog-i-versary, Scott!!!! I'm so glad you stuck with it, because in addition to all of the above, you inspire me and so many others out here in the ece blogosphere!!!! :))

  9. I enjoyed that ... very creative!! Way to go and please keep on a-bloggin'!!!

  10. Scott, this is awesome, entertaining, and so true!! I met you through the Preschool Bloggers Network along with many other amazing bloggers/early childhood educators and the circle of influence keeps growing. Barbara from For the Children.

  11. Congratulations on three awesome years and for being such an inspiration to so many Early Childhood Educators out there! We all look up to your outstanding example Scott!

  12. Oh Scotty you are way too cute ... loved, loved, LOVED reading this beautiful post! I am SO glad you started blogging (and listened to my Facebook idea). Sherry and I began blogging around three years ago too and I wouldn't take back that time for quids. The people I've (never) met, like YOU inspire me every single day as an educator to strive to sit up and take a little bit more notice. Blogging is the best thing a teacher could ever do! X
    Donna :) :)

  13. Such a beautiful post, it brought a smile on my face. I am with Donna and Sherry, we have met the most wonderful people through the blogging community. I get inspired and look forward to communicating with GENUINE and AWESOME blogging friends.

    Congratulations Scotty!

  14. Wow!! I love this. You are an amazing teacher, Scott and I have enjoyed reading, watching and getting to know you. :) God has blessed you with an amazing gift!

  15. Love it, Scott, Happy bloggiversary to you! My journey has been similar- people have been so kind to me (it was Janet Lansbury who gave me so many hints when I started!) and I've watched my own thinking and practice develop as I took on board ideas from around the world.

    Now, if I could only get every centre director to read this and see the value of blogging. I was actually sacked from one centre for having a blog. I'm still scratching my head that that director didn't recognise blogging as the most perfect, interactive reflective practice.

  16. This is so true! Love your blog, especially love this post!