Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inspiration from the Blogosphere - Guys Edition

I've been involved in early childhood education for over 25 years. (Yes, some of you could have been in one of my preschool classrooms!) I've met some wonderful early childhood teachers. When I ventured into blogging a few years ago, I met some wonderful early childhood bloggers. The majority of these wonderful people are women. I learned a long time ago that I was definitely in the minority as a guy teaching and working with young children. And that's been fine with me.

But sometimes I enjoy connecting with guys who share my interest and enthusiasm for helping young kids learn and discover the world around them. Through the blogosphere, I've met some wonderful men who are experts and mentors. I want to spotlight some of those guys today.

Favorites - These blogs are ones that I have been reading for a while.

Teacher Tom - When I first read Tom's blog, I was astonished and inspired. His capacity for adventure with kids and his willingness to try just about anything with them is contagious. He has inspired me to try things I probably wouldn't have done without his help (glue guns!) and caused me to think more about the way I talk with kids and the way I allow them to risk trying their ideas. He's my Seattle brother.

Look at My Happy Rainbow - Matt has been chronicling his journey as a kindergarten teacher. His posts are daily glimpses at the trials and triumphs of helping kids learn to read or just get to lunch on time. I often hear the voices of my kids as he relates what's happening in his classroom. Matt's my hero - out on the front lines, helping 5s navigate their new world of school.

Males in Early Childhood - Greg teaches preschoolers Down Under. He often gives me an entirely different perspective on an issue. I've enjoyed getting to know Greg and his passion for teaching. And anyone who will dye his hair a different color or wear a funny hat is an instant friend.

New Guys - These blogs are not new blogs, just ones I've recently discovered.

Child's Play Music - Alec has just recently started blogging but I've watched his videos and read guest posts on other blogs. I must say that his adventures in music are amazing. I love to see what ideas he will share. He's inspired me to think about music as "sound organised in time" so the possibilities open up for exploration and play. (Alec is also an Aussie early childhood educator.)

Identity Crisis? No, I'm a Male Nursery Teacher - I just started reading Mr. Shrek's blog a couple of weeks ago. I think I laughed aloud a couple of times as I read through the posts. Mr. Shrek teaches in a UK Nursery School. He makes teaching seem fun and an adventure - which it is!

ABC Does - I just discovered this blog today. Alistair also teaches in the UK. Since I just started reading, I can't tell you much about this blog. But any blog that includes making prints with a dead fish and painting with mops is a blog I want to read.

Do you have any favorite blogs that feature guys teaching in early childhood? I'm always looking for more to read.


  1. Of course one of my favorites is Brick by Brick! ;) This is a great list (I'll have to check out ABC Does) and all share wonderful adventures from a male ece perspective. It baffles me after meeting you guys that there aren't more of you out there, because you seem to bring so much to the field!

    As for new ones, have you checked out Jason Good 365? He's not necessarily an ece guy, but he's a dad blogger and cracks me up with tales of his exploits with his children.

  2. We are brothers, aren't we Scott? =)

  3. Thanks Scott! We have really enjoyed your blog and Teacher Tom's. We look forward to checking out the others you listed!

  4. Thanks for the list. I've always looked up to any man that could do what we "women" do with kids. ;) The ECC men are a very special breed. Glad I'm able to "know" you!